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Hinako is an amazing Gyrotonic Trainer. I absolutely love exercising under her instruction. She is very strong, with lots of energy and physical awareness. Hinako also has vast technical knowledge of the body and can explain it concisely. She helps me a lot with increasing flexibility, strength and stability. Since I’ve been doing Gyrotonic with Hinako on a regular basis, I have a a renewed sense of health in my mind and body. My back pain has also disappeared. Thank you Hinako!

Kristin Neubauer

Es gibt vor allem für die Gesundheit der Wirbelsäule kein besseres Übungssystem als Gyrotonic und Gyrokinesis. Das wellenförmige Durchbewegen aller Wirbelsäulensegmente in allen möglichen Bewegungsrichtungen führt zu innerer Stabilität und gleichzeitig einer Flexibilität der Wirbelsäule, die durch kein anderes Übungssystem zu erreichen ist. Hinako hat zudem das Auge und die Erfahrung aus jedem Körper das individuelle Maximum herauszuholen!


Martin Eberhardt

Inhaber PRIMUS PhysioTraining, Düsseldorf

“Soit is just amazing in all ways…you had a great workout after a gyro class butyou also feel all your energy is flowing. You feel full of power and freedom inyour body.”


Dancer from Mönchengladbach ballet

Since a few weeks I am working with Hinako on increasing my physical possibilites regarding my job as dancer, dance teacher and maker. Therefor she uses the Gyrotonic method. I really enjoy every session. Hinako is a motivating coach and knows exactly what she is doing! In every session my body learns a lot and I feel very relaxed afterwards. I like that we laugh a lot during the training and at the same time we work very serious. I can totally recommand working with her!

Alina Jacobs

Professional Dancer

My pre-training with Hinako was fantastic,super detailed, clear and dynamic, and she made my stay in Düsseldorf a lot of fun. One of the best courses I have done!


Ion Beitia Fernandez

Dancer in Gera
Die Ausbildung zum Pre-Trainer ist erstklassig! Hinako arbeitet sehr exakt und einfūhlsam; ich bin begeistert und beeindruckt von ihrem Unterricht. Jetzt fūhle ich mich perfekt vorbereitet fūr den Foundation Kurs. Sehr empfehlenswert!


Hinako is a very good teacher. She works precise with us and she has a lot of patience. 


Just had a wonderful Pretraining experience with Hinako Sakuraoka at Primusphysio!! She is precise, motivating, clear and fun!! I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to learn Gyrotonic with Hinako!!


Immediately, after my first session I felt longer and like I had guided my body through itscomplete range of motion instead of the set patterns it was used to stay in. Ifelt a great expansion..”


Every time I walk out from a Gyrotonic lesson, I feel very long andwell placed. To do a ballet class after a Gyrotonic class is a great feeling. Idon’t have to search for the balance -it’s already there..

I like the high attendance of my trainer, the great supportin doing the exercises correctly and the good feeling of having done somethingpositive for my body after each training.”


Das Training von und mit Hinako ist wirklich ausgezeichnet. Die Übungen sind anspruchsvoll und sehr abwechslungsreich.
Hinako geht individuell auf Dich ein und ist fordernd aber gleichzeitig motivierend.
Bin sehr froh bei Ihr trainieren zu können.

Hinako san was teacher for my Gyrotonic level 1 Pre-Training course from 18th-23rd of July 2017. After finishing the pre-training course I am definitely recommending anyone who has desire to become a teacher in Gyrotonic to contact Hinako san. Way she teaches Gyrotonic is very clear, how she explains each and everything has logic, though works with your imagination so you would understand meaning of the movement with your own body. She speaks English, Japanese and German fluently as well. She creates this warm encouraging atmosphere in the studio that you can ask her questions without feeling silly or embarrassed, even if it might be a simple silly question she was super patient to answer. Also I really liked working with Hinako san because she knows how to work people, she can push you, to make you perform the best. You will not find the way to give in, if you work with her 🙂 Great teacher!

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